Which brand is the world's simplest?

From where they shop to the way they communicate, people put a premium on experiences that are simple.

Press Release

World's Simplest Brands
Tenth Edition


To determine the global state of simplicity, we fielded a survey to determine which brands and industries simplify people's lives.
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Why simplicity matters

How does simplicity pay for brands that deliver it?

Since 2009, a stock portfolio comprised of the publicly
traded simplest brands in our Global Top 10 has
outperformed the major indexes by
Simplicity performs

Simplicity by the numbers

Money on the table

The amount of money brands are leaving on the table when they don't simplify

Simplicity earns a premium

The percentage of consumers willing to pay more for simpler experiences

Simplicity builds loyalty

The percentage of consumers who are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications

Inside the report

Brand rankings by region

How simple is your brand experience?

Ask yourself these questions. The more you can answer with a definitive "Yes," the closer you are to embracing simplicity, thereby satisfying consumer demand and shaping the future.

  • Is senior leadership committed to providing simple consumer experiences?
  • Are our products and services clear and easy to navigate?
  • Do we know the brand experiences where simplicity would be most appreciated by consumers?